AboutBrock Clermont

Winner of the Canadian Equestrian Federation Medal at The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, ON (18yrs old) Winner of the Equestrian Canada Medal at the York Equestrian Center (17yrs old) 2nd place finish in his first Grand Prix in Collingwood, ON at 18 years old Numerous Grand Prix finishes to date sourcing/breaking/development/rider of the 6yr old 2011 U.S. national young horse champion, Pironella Winner of the 6yr 2011 WEF young horse final in Wellington FL Winner of the 6yr 2011 Hampton Classic young horse final in Bridgehampton NY development and sale of many current international Grand Prix horses Sourcing/training/selling over 100 horses over the past decade training and development of countless riders up to the Grand Prix level, MACLAY/USET Finals, and Marshall & Sterling FinalsHello! I’m Alex Smith. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean fermentum ullamcorper sem, at placerat dolor volutpat ac. Duis nulla enim, condimentum nec ultricies.

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