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Brock Clermont - The Art of Riding

Brock Clermont & The Art of Riding

For decades, Brock Clermont has Specialized in the training of students and horses for hunter, jumper, and equitation competition and offers tips on becoming a world class rider.   Equitation is the art of horse riding and horsemanship that Brock Clermont has been participating in his whole life. More specifically, equitation can refer to a […]

Brock Clermont - Legacy of Show Jumping

Brock Clermont Continues the Legacy of Show Jumping

With a focus on purchasing and training some of the finest horses in the world, Brock Clermont has the privilege of training riders and teaching them show jumping. Show jumping, commonly known as stadium jumping, is an English riding equestrian event that incorporates dressage, eventing, hunters, and equitation. The classes of jumping are most famously seen on […]